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Kitchen with character


Kitchen with character

Nothing is actually better than the look of a natural product. This certainly applies to bamboo. The bamboo is separate from the product in terms of processing is still in its infancy, in other words, it will only get better! In addition Kitchzen example, the Plain Press bamboo (the 'nodes'), the new Side Press pressure applied which gives the wood a beautiful grain. This pattern is available in natural bamboo colors Natural and Caramel, but you can also let your bamboo kitchen stains in different colors.


It can not be gone from the kitchen is stunning Kitchzen-beautiful! Light or dark, with or without handles, large or small, the kitchen always shines.

What makes the Kitchzen kitchen so special?

First course material, it is completely - even the corpus! - Made of bamboo, the most durable and environmentally friendly building material there is. This wood is combined with a very special sheet that is made of new, innovative material ECO. This consists of 75 percent recycled glass, porcelain and glass. The finishing touch is the energy-efficient equipment that automatically saves a household energy consumption.

All this is individually designed and tailored to the individual needs the best kitchen professionals. Result: Kitchzen!

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