Time for ourselves, relax, rest, care for body and mind.


These necessary responses to the hectic modern life we have given the name of wellness. For a dose of wellness, you can go out the door; opportunities. The separate saunas, massage salons and beauty centers are forged together to wellness centers where something everyone has fun. But one day "well notes" is not enough. We want at home, every day, that sensation, feeling the atmosphere in which we can totally relax. The bathroom is the perfect place for this. Choices abound in it, the bathroom, however, takes a big whiff Zenitair with wellness. When you walk Zenitairshop the special atmosphere you noticed. The philosophy behind this concept is one bathroom to create sustainable without compromising comfort and design. These two elements are just as important for you to feel comfortable.


The Zenitair bathroom only natural materials. The furniture is made of bamboo wood which already has a very warm look. In addition, this is currently the most sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials. Not for nothing, millions of people around the world in a house made of bamboo. It is an inexhaustible and virtually indestructible, ubiquitous natural resource.

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